Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kadazan Tangaa Bible Translation - RC = Retired Christian ?

Tumanud do boos om susunud di Gundohing Peter Lidadun, " Kiva no do napadan Toun oh hinaid do kinapangazan ku do pinadahin di Boos Tobitua mantad kinododizann gisom kinointahangan (Genesis - Revealation) om kakal I do au nakahabus savi-avi?
NOKUO - gangazan no do nokopoguhu do noikatan do katapatan, mogot nogi iho topbinai do Liwan om Murut tu nokosuang no do internet om kaanu o isai-isai nopo do mongukab om popotongkop do abal tavasi id kabang dioho sondi.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Kadazan Liwan/Tindal and Murut Timogun full translations of the Bible available in the Internet

About a couple of weeks ago, I came across the full translation of the Bible, from the Book of Genesis to the Book of revelation, both in the Tindal and Murut Timogun, in the YouVersion.
This is available by following this link (Liwan/Tindal ) and Murut Timogun.
First Huguan Siou, the Chief Minister of the Nation of Sabah, formerly  British
North Borneo which became independent on the 31st August, 1963 holding and swearing on the Holy Bible pledging the FATE of SABAHANS and it's future on YHVH ELOHIM, the God of the Bible

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Helen Koding nee Luin Richard - the passing of

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Kota Kinabalu: Datin Seri Panglima Helen Koding @ Luin Richard, widow of the late Datuk Seri Panglima Mark Koding, passed away at her residence in Likas on Tuesday.
She was 59.
Her sudden death has shocked relatives, friends and ex-students as she was known to be well. Koding, a former PBS Deputy Chief Minister, died in September 2002.
After the husband's death, she took over as the President of Gerakan Perkabaran Injil, an independent evangelical charismatic Church, which saw a number of souls won to Christ. 
At the SOL prayer and intercessors' seminar in September this year, she share how she quite a lot of personal things which blessed those who were there. Earlier on, she shared with me how she decided to leave the running of the Church to younger pastors while she concentrated on ministering to the Lord through prayers and intercessions and mission works overseas following the leading of the Holy Spirit. She was burdened for souls especially the youths in Sabah who are not well grounded in the Word of God and properly discipled to live a victorious life in Jesus Christ.
Surely, the Lord must have better plans for her. May Yeshua continue to bless and sustain the ministry she and her husband had started.

Only 200 schools offer Bible Knowledge in SPM

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29th August, 2010
KOTA KINABALU: Only about 200 schools nationwide offer Bible Knowledge subject to their students in the Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) examination.

The students can sit for the Bible Knowledge subject at 250 examination centres nationwide, 28 of which are located in Sabah.

It is hoped that the number of schools teaching and students taking up the subject will increase in the future, said Plantation Industries and Commodities Minister, Tan Sri Bernard Giluk Dompok at the handing over of Bible Knowledge textbooks to 30 schools in Sabah yesterday.

The textbooks comprised the Book of Kings and the Gospel of Luke and were an initiative of the United Pasokmomogun Kadazan Dusun Murut Organisation (UPKO) where Bernard is the president.

Last year, only 186 students sat for the subject in the SPM examination in Sabah while nationwide, only 400 candidates sat for the paper.

The target is to increase the number of candidates sitting for the paper to 2,000 in Sabah.

Bernard added that they also hoped for the subject to be recognized alongside other subjects such as English, Geography and Mathematics.

Presently, they hope to address several issues that are hampering schools and students from taking up the subject during the SPM examination, he said.

“Some people are concerned of the availability of (study) materials for the subject. We want to help them,” said Bernard.

Schools that were not part of the 30 recipients yesterday are urged to contact UPKO for the textbooks facility.

At the same time, it is also a challenge for schools to get teachers to teach the subject, he said.

“The various schools need to have the initiative to get tutors for the subject because it is not part of the school curriculum yet,” he said.

Meanwhile, Bible Knowledge was introduced at missionary schools throughout the country in the early 1940s.

It was offered during the Malayan Certificate of Education and later, in the Sijil Rendah Pelajaran (SRP) and SPM.

However, the number of schools and students taking up the subject decreased in the 1980s as it was no longer deemed compulsory to teach the subject at schools.

Presently, students undertaking the subject have to study the Book of Kings and the Gospel of Luke.

A total of eight questions are asked during the two and a half hour examination.

Also present at the event were Assistant Agriculture and Food Industry Minister, Datuk Bobbey Suan and the event’s organizing chairman, Datuk Wilfred Tangau.

source: The New Sabah Times 

Monday, January 3, 2011

It is true but sad ..... very sad!

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The statement above refers to the eventual demise of the Kadazan Language if no immediate corrective action is taken to reverse the situation. What is the big deal? It is only a language! Even my little girl, who had been studying in a Chinese school, when pestered to learn Kadazan told me, she won't because none of her friends in school spoke it, not even the Kadazan kids themselves.
The first Chapter of the Gospel of St.John in Kadazan was circulated around but no one took any commitment to undertake a serious study and translation of the Word of God into Kadazan, either from their own language or in the language that had been adopted by them as the normal mode of communication, e.g. English or Malay. Admittedly, it is not an easy task to come up with new inventions and ideas to be expressed in Kadazan and while English had become the lingua franca in their daily lives, among the Kadazan tribes, Malay had become a common language because of its introduction as a compulsory subject in the Malaysia school syllabus.
There had been no consistent effort to preserve and improve the standard of the Kadazan Language, by this I mean the Tanggaa dialect or "Z" dialect, and because of the lack of sufficient interest, it does seem to die of natural death! But ... there is a big but in this line of argument ... can the Kadazan be voiceless forever; isn't it the intention of the enemies of God's people to see them dumb, blind and devoid of self-respect because the thief comes not but to steal, kill and destroy; but Jesus came to give life and life abundantly (John 10:10) Jesus is the "Boos do Kinoingan nadadi do Kadazan"
The Kadazan can be likened to a 'heart attack patient' in the ICU needing a 'by-pass' and the only Doctor qualified to do this urgent and critical operation is Yeshua Himself yet even His name is banned in public places, what more in schools and public assemblies ! 
But the Good News is Jesus in complete control of the situation and those who are dead against Him will one day confess with their lips and bow on their knees that Jesus is the Lord of lords and King of kings. Halleluya.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Audio Bibles Have A Global Impact

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Audio Bibles connect modern technology to the Word of God, with the timeless result of sharing God's Word with people who hunger for spiritual knowledge. Faith Comes By Hearing has been at the forefront of this movement, working tirelessly to compile the largest catalog of Audio Bibles in the world with ongoing translations being worked on as we speak. Thanks to these efforts, listeners from around the world can now hear the Scriptures in pristine digital recordings in 489 languages.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Kadazan Grassroots Bible Translation Project - Gospel of St.John

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After waiting for almost about 3 centuries for the 'Church' to come up with a complete Kadazan (tangaa) Bible translation from the Book of Genesis to Revelation, a group of 'born-again Christians/Catholics' have taken the initiative of organizing a faith based initiative, which prayerfully provokes positive response from the concerned individuals, and undertake a project which we have named as the KADAZAN GRASSROOTS BIBLE TRANSLATION PROJECT. The idea is to pass around portion of the scriptures to all relevant 'educated' Kadazan and, during their quite time, commit themselves to learning, meditating and translating what they have learn into Kadazan (Tangaa or the dialects of their choices, e.g. Tatana, Bonggi, etc)
We set ourselves a timetable of say one chapter a week and see how it goes.
The following is my first attempt to translate the first fe verses of the Gospel of St. John, which I am passing around for comments, correction, amendments, textual criticism and, where possible, re-translation. The version I have used is KJV (both old and new). It would be much better if the translation is done in the original Hebrew and Greek but even the UMS Head of the Kadazan Department, which is especially set up through the request of some of our political Christian leaders, does not know Hebrew or Greek and neither any of our scholars, to my knowledge, who carry  PHDs of all sorts.
We hope to compile these and eventually agree on a common translation that is easily understood by our Kadazan readers and yet faithful to the original text as the inspired word of God. Please pray for God's anointing as we embark upon this important and souls saving exercise which is the heart beat of His Kingdom on Earth, even as we prepare ourselves for the second coming of the reigning King of kings and Lord of lords. Maranatha.
Injil tumanud di John
Boogizan Koiso
1Ih nopo haid di timpuun ih, nga ih no ih Boos, om Boos nopo dii nga miampai do Kinoingan, om Boos nopo di nga Kinoingan. 2Miampai no haid Isido do Kinoingan di timpuun ih. 3Savi-avi nopo nga vinangun Disido; om aiso ih di navangun nung okon ko doiho Isido.
 4 Id Disido nopo nga koposizon; om koposizon nopo dii nga ninavau do  tuhun.   5Babang nopo dii nga tuminitiu doid kotuvangan; om au ih nakabaga oh kotuvangan dii. 6Kiva songuhun nosuu mantad Kinoingan, ngaan nopo disido nga ih John. 7Isido nopo nga saksi, minanaak do kosoksian kuma di Babang dii, do mooi dii do aavi tuhun maza disido nga ongotumbazan. 8Isido nopo nga okon ko Babang dii, nga nosuu do manaak kosoksian kuma doid Babang dii. 9Ih nopo ih Babang tototopot, nga iino minanaak do kanavaan kumaa toiso-iso id pomogunan.
 10Nokotombuhui haid Isido id pomogunan, om pomogunan nopo nga vinangun Disido, om au ih nokotutun oh pomogunan Disido. 11Minikot Isido doid dau do tinau, om au Isido tinoimo. 12Nga sontob di minonoimo Disido, nadadi Disido do sakag do Kinoingan, om nogi sontob di nongotumbazaan doid ngaan Disido. 13Miaga di nosusu, okon ko maza do paganakan om kaandak do tuhun, nga doun Kinoingan.
14Om boos dii nadadi do Kadazan(tuhun), om minizon id tanga dagai,(om nokito za oh kaazaan Dau, ih kaazaan doTanak Kinoingan Tama di Iiso-noh) noponu do grasia om katapatan. 14Om  kadadi no do Kadazan (tonsi) oh Boos dii om izon no doid tanga dagai do pipio hinaid; om nokito  dagai ih kaazan Disido – kaazan di naambit di Tanak di I’iso no mantad di Ama Dau --  noponu do grasia om katapatan.
15Suminaksi ih John montok Disido, om ha’ad no, mooboos, ‘ Isiaha no ih komozon ku, ih minikot sumusuut dogo nga hobi tinuo mantad dogo; sabap doiho no haid Isido pogulu ih do nosusu zou. 16Om mantad kinoponuan Disido, nokotoimo izikoi do grasia, om grasia ih savat do grasia. 17Sabap notoimo di Moses ih taurat (undang-undang), tapi grasia om katapatan nopo nga minikot maza di Yeshua Mononobus. 18Aiso ih do tuhun nokoimato do Kinoingan do gigisom; ih Tanak di I’iso noh, ih poingkibit do Kinoingan Tama, pinopointahang Disido.
19Om iti no oh susuzan kokomoi di John, songian oh Johudi minonuu do imam om mononopuan ngaavi do panambazangan dioho id Jerusalem minuot disido, “Isai ko kopizo?” 20Om pangakun no isido,  om au minogohim; tapi pangakun no, okon ko izou ih Kristus. 21Om uoto no dioho isido, “Isai di? Elias ko toi?” Om boos ka disido, “Okon”. “Iziau naku ih Mogogohungung?” Om boos kavagu disido, “Okon”
22Dadi poboos no izioho doid Disido, “Isai ko? Do moi do kaanu zikoi manaak do sisimba kuma di minonuu dagai. Nunu oh pobooson nu kokomoi diau sondii?” 23Ka disido, “ Izou nopo nga  ih ohou di madhaad id kotogisan,  potuhido oh lahan montok do Tuhan, miaga di noboos di prophet Elias. 24Om izioho nopo di nongosuu nga Farisee ngaavi. 25Om uot izioho disido, om poboos no doid disido, “Nokuo  dii tu mambaptis ko nung okon ko ih Kristus ko, toi ko ih Elias, toi ko ih prophet dii? 26Simba no ih John, poboos no do mambaptis zou miampai do vaig; nga kiva do poingkakat id tanga diozu, ih au diozu notutunan; 27Isido no, ih mikot-ikot sumusut dogo nga hobi mantad dogo, kagos po do kasut Disido nga au zou kapadan do mongidu. 28Nadadi ngaavi iti id Betania id suok do Jordan, id nombo ih John mamaso mambaptis. 29Tadau suvab dii, kokito no di John ih Yeshua mikot-ikot doid disido, om poboos no, Intangai no oh Doumba do Kinoingan, ih mongidu do douso do pomogunan. 30Isido no ih komozon ku, Sumusut dogo songuhun ih hobi mantad dogo: sabap mimang do id pogulu no haid Isido dogo. 31Om au zou nokoiho Disido: nga do mongoi do kointahang Isido doid Israel, dadi minikot zou do mambaptis miampai do vaig.
32Om saksi no ih John, minoboos, Nokito ku ih Sunduvan do Kinoingan do minindau mantad davan miaga do tombohog punai, om tuun no ih om tood no id savat Disido.
33Om au zou nokoiho Disido: nga Isido ih minonuu dogo do mambaptis miampai vaig, Isido nogi minoboos dogo, Id savat di isai okito nu ih Sunduvan do humintuun, om tumood doid savat Disido, Isido no ih mambaptis miampai do Sunduvan Tohidang. 34Om nokito ku, om sumaksi zou do iti no ih Tanak do Kinoingan. 35Om vagu di tadau suvab dii poingkakat ih John, miampai di duvo di tutumanud disido; 36Om miintong isido di Yeshua do maapanau isido, poboos no isido, Intangai oh Doumba do Kinoingan!
37Om nokongou ih duvo tutumanud do minoboos isido, om tanud no izioho di Yeshua.